Welcome to the 12th Anniversary of GoGratitude!

Immerse Yourself In Gratitude with 42 (K)new Views on Gratitude

We Begin Our 42 Day Journey Dec 1, 2017.

  • Newly updated images and resource links to bring us current with the now.
  • Elevate your Spirit throughout the holy-day season.
  • Brighten your day with 42 daily doses of high-frequency images, artwork, inspirational messages and resources.
  • A community to share, receive and grow your Gratitude.
  • Plus other goodies.
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~ If You're New to GoGratitude ~

Here's a Brief Catch Up . . .

The original GoGratitude series began as an inspiration and social experiment just before Thanksgiving, Nov 21st, 2005.

12 years ago as of this writing.

It all started with a simple email invitation to watch the Master Key GoGratitude video to a few friends and family members.

After watching the short video, they were invited to join a 42 day experiment in Gratitude and pass it along to others as they were inspired.

Little did we know at the time, that within a month, over 100,000 people would join the Experiment. It took on a life of its own with no additional help from us.

As of May 2016, over 1.5 million people have watched the Master Key video and hundreds of thousands have joined the Experiment.

Participants started noticing the Gratitude symbol everywhere – in nature, ancient art, biology and even the cosmos.

It wasn’t long before we started getting flooded with emails of appreciation from people all over the world sharing their stories of how the Go Gratitude Experiment had changed their lives.

It changed our lives as well. And we are honored to witness the many ripples that continue to emerge from of a world-wide wave of Gratitude.

Often when folks complete the original GoGratitude message series, they ask for more. They want the experience to continue.

So, on this, the 12th Anniversary of GoGratitude, we asked ourselves what is the best way to celebrate, and instantly knew!

Let's have a 42 day party and flood the world (and our Hearts!) with Love and Gratitude!

We're spiraling home to our roots and beginning a (k)new 42 Day wave. This will be a huge family reunion! We've got lots of gifts to share, celebrations to make, and plenty of room for all to play!

Date: Friday, Dec 1, 2017
Place: All Our Hearts ... and your email box, too!

RSVP for the Gratitude Gathering here:

Why Go Gratitude?

Just as the body needs nourishment to sustain itself, the soul requires daily, high-vibe nutrients to thrive.

Arriving via email each day, these specially prepared 42 daily ‘imprints’ are like energetic Superfoods that feed your soul.

They take only moments to digest, yet their highly compact, soul-enriching ingredients will nourish your soul throughout the day.

They “air-lift” your consciousness above the ‘smog” of denser energies where the atmosphere is clean and the view spectacular.

By simply taking a moment each day to absorb these high-frequency meta-bites, you may find yourself frequently experiencing:arrows8

As you’re prepared to experience the miraculous cumulative effects of feeding your soul daily the next 42 days, join us by entering your email to the right.

In Love and Gratitude for All,

Stacey Robyn
Ken Herbert
and the GoGratitude Groundcrew

  • Moments of Spontaneous Joy
  • A Greater sense of connection with those around you
  • Deeper and more sustainable Peace of mind
  • Effortless attraction and manifestation of your intentions
  • Emotional equilibrium through increased production of dopamine and serotonin
  • And even better health and vitality as your heart, brain and immune system is bolstered through the harmonious coherence of your energetic field

The Go Gratitude Experiment is Offered on the Basis of Appreciation.

Gratitude Is the Master Key . . .

That Opens All Doors of Possibility

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